Signs Your House Needs Roof Repair

The integrity of your roof reflects the overall well-being of the entire structure of your house. Some roof damages are easy to spot, and they may occur immediately, such as when a tree limb falls on the roof during a storm. Other roof damages, however, may be less recognizable and need more serious roof repair.

Signs Your House Needs Roof Repair

Ceiling Discoloration

When a ceiling on the top floor of your house has discoloration, it’s often a result of water damage. Even small roof leaks can lead to water that seeps in through beams and joists onto your ceiling. The discoloration caused by roof leaks and water damage often looks like circular patterns, which slowly get bigger over time.

You may also notice discoloration, such as dark spots, on the beams in your attic, which is also a sign of roof damage. If the source of ceiling discoloration is not repaired, it can quickly turn into mold growth inside your home.

Nests & Living Things

If you hear things crawling in your ceilings or see nests in your gutters, it’s likely birds, squirrels, or other living things have caused damage to your roof. Because the damage may be internal, it may not be noticeable at all from outside or inside your home without a professional roof inspection.

Moss & Natural Debris

Roof damage comes in many forms, not just loose or missing shingles. If your roof or gutters haven’t been cleaned in a while, you could have roof problems lurking underneath moss growth, or seeping onto your roof from gutter seams. Natural debris also serves as a host to all sorts of bugs that can cause damage to your roof.

If you feel comfortable getting on your roof to check for damages yourself, soft spots and cracks are key indications that your roof needs maintenance and some type of repair. If you’re not sure if you have roof damage, hiring a professional for a roof inspection is the best way to assess potential damages.

The quicker you address any roof issues, the more cost-efficient the repairs will be in the long-run. To schedule an appointment for quality roof inspection or repair in Waxahachie, TX contact us today.