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Roofing for Realtors and Investors

Roofing for Realtors and InvestorsLooking to close a real estate deal but require a new roof first?

Roof repairs necessary asap in order to close?

Need a quick inspection of work completed?

Do you desire to educate your customers on the condition of their roof before going to market?

Could your client use some help working with insurance in order to get a roof repaired?

We understand the business of real estate and we know roofs. It is no secret to real estate professionals: a new roof will improve a home’s value and it will help sell the property. Generally speaking, the average cost to replace a roof is $8,000 – $12,000. This is a significant investment for homeowners. They should expect dependable, quality work that will provide return on investment. The homeowner should expect to receive accurate information and overall advice when they are analyzing any roofing project, no matter how small. They should expect efficient, quality workmanship with great customer service.

Great Customer Service
We at Vera Roofing and Construction pride ourselves in our commitment to great customer service. In the real estate sector this means fully understanding the nuances of the industry and, specifically, the challenges real estate professionals face. We understand most agents are working multiple deals and they are handling many more issues besides the roofing. We get that there may be some trips out to a property to just confirm satisfactory work was completed. We expect our real estate agents to pick up the phone and call us when they have a roofing question. And, we know sometimes simply having a professional’s opinion gives a potential buyer the confidence needed to proceed. We are here to help you get your deal closed.

Need it Yesterday
Time is always of the essence when it comes to real estate transactions. When you have a client that is ready to list, they are ready to list. We have the manpower and the expertise to get a roof assessment completed quickly. No agent (or homeowner!) wants a surprise roof leak to emerge during the inspection contingency window. Whether it is an entire roof replacement needed or simply a small repair, we get out there and get the job done. Understanding the role of insurance in roofing, we have garnered valuable contacts and trained staff members to cover this part of the equation quickly and efficiently.

Pay for the Best Quality of Work
Vera Roofing and Construction is competitive in pricing, but most importantly, we provide quality work we fully stand behind. We bring many years of experience to the table – or shall we say, roof? – and we stay educated on the latest tools and techniques available to our industry. We follow trends and survey what is going on in our community. We realize most agents have a number of roofing contacts to choose from, but we know you can be fully confident – in the workmanship, the project management, the customer service and the overall timing – when you partner with us.

We provide roofing solutions for commercial and residential structures, offering the newest techniques and materials. We work with metal, slate, and tile roofs, as well as TPO and flat roof systems. Let us help you get the deal closed. Give us a call today.