Siding Services in Waxahachie TX

Vera Roofing & Construction offers a variety of siding options that will increase your home’s beauty and value. We’ve been trusted for years to provide top-quality siding products with top-rated service. We guarantee your project will go as seamlessly as our name. At Vera Roofing & Construction, we can take care of your siding remodel! We even can recommend the right gutters for you and install them with no worry. We know that exterior remodeling projects such as siding replacement is proven to be the best investment you can make in your home. You can rest knowing that with Vera Roofing & Construction your investment is in the best hands. Check out our commercial roofing Dallas page.

Our #1 goal is to improve your home’s exterior appearance guaranteed, so why shop anywhere else?

Your Trusted Siding Company in Waxahachie TX

Whether your home’s siding has been damaged by wind or hail, or it’s just time to give your home a beautiful facelift that will increase its value, you can count on Waxahachie Vera Roofing & Construction to be your trusted siding guide.

People may only replace the siding on their home once in their life. You probably have a lot of questions as you consider this home project. That is why Waxahachie Vera Roofing & Construction is your trusted siding guide and we are here to help you through the process.

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Fiber Cement Siding

Renowned for its durability, fiber cement siding is a popular choice for Waxahachie homes. This is why it is the siding of choice for many Waxahachie homes and businesses. Most brands are considered “green” products, made out of recycled material and low VOC adhesives. Made of material is cement, sand, and cellulose this siding material is rigid but not brittle–so it won’t crack or dent easily. However, one of the best things about fiber cement is that it is one of the most beautiful siding materials money can buy. Coming in bold colors like Timber Bark and Chestnut Brown from premium suppliers like James Hardie–this material truly blends function and form.  Our designers will take your Waxahachie to the next level of style and elegance with this premium siding option as a material!

Vinyl Siding

One of the most diverse and economical siding options available, vinyl siding provides an affordable solution recommended for Dallas homes that are valued under $250,000-$350,000. It is budget material but still beautiful! While it will work well on most properties we have found it is typically a great choice for flipping a home and turning a profit and first-time homeowners renovating multiple areas of their home. You will find that vinyl siding comes in many color and style options–meaning it will work on homes of any age. And, with so many aesthetic options Waxahachie homeowners are sure to get the elevated curb appeal they want with vinyl siding. We are proud to partner with premium siding manufacturers including Alside® but we carry other brands to ensure you get exactly the vinyl siding you want and need.

Steel Siding

Steel siding is a lesser-known material for cladding your Waxahachie home but one that works great for homes and businesses here. Acclaimed for its endurance and low maintenance requirements, steel siding has become a growing choice. It is one of the most impenetrable types of siding so it works great in rural settings like garages, barns, and workshops but is often used commercially when prolific wear and tear is a consideration. City or country this type of siding is a green, durable choice. The look of steel siding has come a long way in the last decade too. You can choose from a ton of brilliant colors: modern and traditional. Steel siding also comes in various texture options too–some textures exactly mirroring the look of real wood.

Wood and Cedar Siding

For Waxahachie, there simply is no more classic siding choice than wood siding. Whether you live out in the Foot Hills of the Rocky Mountains or in downtown Dallas–wood will work well aesthetically for your home. Typically we see wood accent siding on homes closer to the city and full wood siding on homes in the mountains. Wood siding does come with some challenges when it comes to maintenance. It requires more maintenance than any other siding. However, woods like cedar are actually naturally insect and moisture repellant–giving it a leg up on other wood species. But, with proper maintenance and care, cedar siding can last for decades.

Stone Siding and Accents

We love to do stone siding in homes in Waxahachie because of the way it harkens back to the natural beauty all around us. It is a way to include softer lines in your Waxahachie home’s architecture while still keeping an elegant appeal. We feature beautiful stonework and siding from supplier Sunset Stone® that comes in an abundance of choices good for all-over coverage or accents. We partner with Sunset specifically because they off some of the most attractive, hand-selected stones in the industry. While stone can be challenging to incorporate into a design for homeowners, our designers are well-versed in stylishly adding it to the mix with consideration to your home’s style, age, and landscape designs.

Engineered Wood Siding

This type of siding is a great way to stay below the premium cost of Fiber Cement siding while getting nearly the same level of durability and style. More expensive than vinyl LP SmartSide is still within the budget of most homeowners. Plus, LP offers a premium pre-finish called Diamond Kote–that gives added protection in a Waxahachie weather landscape that is intense. It is a trusted and dependable siding solution that provides great endurance with no shortness of style. Coming in 30 stunning colors–the combinations are endless. Whether you own a vintage home in the middle of Dallas or a new–build–engineered wood siding, like LP, is a “middle of the road”, but hardly an average siding choice for you.

Choose the Siding Contractor You Can Trust

Vera Roofing and Construction in Waxahachie has been the trusted siding contractor for 15 years. As an accredited BBB business with an A+ rating, representing zero customer service complaints, we are the right siding company for your next residential or commercial siding project.