How Roof Damage From Hail Causes Long-Term Problems

You had a hailstorm hit your home recently. It is not uncommon in Texas, but usually you have gotten through it with minimal issues. Not this time, though. This time you notice hail damage on your roof. You find the gutters full of granules from your shingles, spot blisters or curls, and maybe even see a hole or a missing shingle. The best advice is to call a roofing company to make a repair, but what would happen if you didn’t?

How Roof Damage From Hail Causes Long-Term Problems

The real issue with hail damage is not that homeowners don’t repair it, but rather they don’t notice it because some hail damage can take weeks after a storm to appear. This leads to them not repairing the damage and facing the consequences.


The most obvious issue with hail damage is it punches straight through your roof, creating a hole. If this happens, you will notice the next time it rains because the water will pour right in. Furthermore, rain tends to funnel down the roof, so you are not just getting the water from the exposed area, but from the area above it as it runs down. That can result in a huge leak.

Even if you do not notice it right away, attic mold becomes a big issue as well. Attics are dark and generally pretty warm. If you add moisture into the mix, it is the perfect environment for mold to thrive.

Compromised Structural Integrity of Your Shingle

A hole is an obvious problem, but the less obvious problem is the damage to the shingle. If your shingle curls or is dented, that is a blow to its integrity. The water will pool or even be ferried right under the shingle. Even losing granules exposes the shingle to a higher concentration of UV rays that decrease their lifespan.

All of this leads to more severe roof damage than just shingle damage. Replacing a shingle or even patching a hole is simple. However, having to replace a patch of rotted out underlayment is complicated and expensive. If you have hail damage to your roof and want to stop small issues before they become bigger, contact us today to see what Vera Roofing & Construction can do to help.