How to Prepare For a Metal Roofing Installation

The installation of a metal roof is much the same as an installation of any other roof type. However, for most that choose the durability of metal roofing, an installation has a good chance of being the first and last time you have a roofing installation done in your lifetime. By knowing what to prep for can help the process go nice and smooth.

How to Prepare For a Metal Roofing Installation

Clear The Area Outside

Once your roofing company has been contracted to install your metal roof, you will want to make the effort to remove anything around your roof that might be broken. The company may tarp over items and protect areas that can’t be moved, but accidents happen. It is best to store the grill, any outdoor decorations, and patio furniture in a garage or at least move them away from the home.

Inform Your Neighbors

This is not necessarily mandatory, but a nice courtesy. Roofing installation in general is pretty loud. Metal roofing installation is usually a little bit louder because of the material in question. Let your neighbors know that you will be having a roof installed and when it will be happening.

If you do not have a lot of driveway access, you may also want to ask your neighbors to keep the curb in front of your home clear for the roofers.

Prep the Interior

Between the walking on your roof and the securing of your new metal roof, there will be a lot of vibrations. Things may be fine, but to avoid any accidents, it may be best to take down mirrors or any other not particularly secure wall decorations that could fall or break.

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