Removing Black Algae Marks From Asphalt Shingles

If your home’s rooftop is suffering from unsightly black markings, it is likely you will want to take steps in removing them to aid in the improvement of your structure’s appearance. Black algae often shows up on shingles in areas where moisture is abundant. There are however, a few tasks you can take to keep discoloration at a minimum by removing black algae marks from your roof.

Removing Black Algae Marks From Asphalt Shingles

Keep The Roof Clean

When moisture is abundant, the chance of black algae growth increases. It is important to keep debris from settling on top of a rooftop so moisture does not accumulate around or underneath it. Trim back tree limbs so stray branches, leaf clumps, or pine needles do not drop to the rooftop. Using a roofing broom regularly to brush off debris will be helpful in keeping moisture at bay.

Add Gutters To Top Tiers

A home with more than one tier of roofing would benefit from a gutter system applied to upper tiers. This will divert water away from lower tiers of shingles, helping to keep dripping water at a minimum. A roofing service can add this feature to your roof if desired.

Use A Cleaning Solution

Black marks can be decreased in intensity by using a cleaning solution made especially for this problem. A solution made with bleach and trisodium phosphate will work best at algae removal. Simply apply the agent to affected shingles, wait a few minutes for the solution to settle into the algae, and wipe away darkened portions with a soft-bristled brush.

Consider New Shingles

A roofing service can install new shingles on a rooftop where black algae is excessive. While getting asphalt shingles again is certainly an option, purchasing algae-resistant shingles is best. These are infused with copper granules, which will repel algae growth. An alternate solution is to have a roofing company place a piece of copper at the peak of your rooftop. When it rains, small granules will be pushed along the tops of existing shingles, helping them to thwart the growth of algae in the process.

If you are concerned about black marks on your rooftop, or if you would like to find out more about solutions in their removal, contact us today.