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3 Important Things to Consider When Picking a Color for Your Metal Roof

Metal roofing is a great way to add value to your home, reduce repair expenses, and make your home more energy efficient. However, like all roofing materials, you’ll need to pick a color before scheduling an installation appointment. If you’re like most homeowners, finding the best color for your house can be a real challenge. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when weighing your options.

3 Important Things to Consider When Picking a Color for Your Metal Roof

Decide If You Want to Make a Statement

Metal comes in many different colors, making it easy to either downplay or accentuate your roofline. If you want to blend in with your neighbors, pick a color that’s close to the ones you see throughout the neighborhood. However, if you want to make a statement and turn your home’s exterior into an eye-catching reflection of your personality, opt for a red, green, or white roof.

Check With The Homeowners Association

Unfortunately, most homeowners associations have rules and regulations governing the colors you can use for roofing materials. Before scheduling a roof installation appointment, make sure the color you choose is approved by the HOA. If not, you’ll need to find one that meets their requirements. Installing a roof with a color not on the approved list may result in costly fines and force you to replace the roof entirely.

When In Doubt, Go Neutral

The roof should always complement the exterior of the house, the landscaping and the overall theme and look you’re trying to achieve. However, if you like to change up the siding color every few years, it’s best to choose a roof color that will blend well with every coat of paint you use. Instead of picking a vibrant color, choose a neutral tone. Browns, dark blues, and even silvers all work well with different colored siding, giving you the freedom you need to refresh the exterior without causing the siding to clash with the roof.

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