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Get New Flooring and a Skylight in Your Kitchen Remodel

If you want to give your kitchen a new look, but you can’t afford a full remodel, a fabulous way to start is to update a couple of significant features. Two critical areas of a kitchen are the flooring and the lighting. With an upgraded floor and more light streaming into the room, your kitchen will take on a whole new look.

Get New Flooring and a Skylight in Your Kitchen Remodel


Porcelain tiles are always a fabulous choice for a kitchen floor. Choose a light color with little or no pattern for a small kitchen to make it appear more spacious. Medium or dark colors or a mix of colors will look marvelous in a large kitchen. Hardwood floors are another beautiful choice for flooring. A light gray wood will look elegant in a small kitchen, while a rich-looking walnut will look quite sophisticated in a larger space. With wood, if you use it throughout the connected areas, as well, you’ll create a better flow. When updating your flooring, keep in mind what will look good with your current decor and also what will look good in the future when you update more elements in the room. Neutral colors are almost always an excellent choice because such shades go with a multitude of other colors and design choices.


Natural light always makes any space feel brighter and more inviting. If you can’t add windows or enlarge the windows that you have, and you don’t have a second floor above your kitchen, a skylight can be a perfect way to allow more sunlight into the area. Position this feature over the sink, center it over your kitchen island, or place it above your peninsula for a gorgeous look. With additional sunshine coming into the kitchen, the entire space will look more appealing to everyone who sees it, and they’ll think that you updated more features than you did. For the best look, opt for a smaller skylight if positioning it over the sink or peninsula and a more massive one if you’re placing it over a large kitchen island.

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