Pros and Cons of Tile Roofs

The modern-day roofing tiles are made from tinted and molded concrete, and they come in different shapes and styles. Tile roofs are excellent for roofs that are exposed to salt air or experience hot weather. You can decide to install tile roofs after considering the pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Tile Roofs

Advantages of Tile Roofs

Long Lasting

When tile roofs are installed in the right climate, they can last more than a century. Unlike wood, tile roofs do not rot and can withstand strong winds and fire.

When you install tile roofs, you are less likely to experience leaks.

Environmentally Friendly

Tile roofs are made from earth materials and can be recycled when you remove them.

Energy Efficient

The heavy thermal mass of tile roofs controls your indoor temperatures. Through this, they improve energy efficiency in your home.


Tile roofs come in different colors that improve the beauty of your home and style.

Also, some styles resemble vintage roofs.

Disadvantages of Tile Roofs

High Cost

Tile roofs cost more than the other types of roofing. Also, the installation requires the services of experienced professionals, which adds to the cost.

Difficult Installation

Installing the tiles is a difficult process characterized by measurement and laying in specific patterns. Also, they have to be checked to ensure no moisture gets through the tiles.

Unsuitable for Some Roof Slopes

Tile roofs are only suitable for roofs with sharp slopes. This makes them undesirable for roofs with low pitches.

Tile roofs can serve you better if you seek the services of an experienced and reputable company.

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