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How to Save Your Floors With Hardwood Floor Refinishing

When your home has original hardwood floors, they may have acquired some wear and tear. But that doesn’t mean your first thought should go toward replacing your floors. In fact, you can save your flooring with hardwood floor refinishing. Too many people think that if something is broke, it needs to be replaced and not just fixed. But in reality, that is often not the case, when it comes to hardwood flooring.

How to Save Your Floors With Hardwood Floor Refinishing


With hardwood floors, you have a special incentive to fix instead of replacing. Especially if your home still boasts its original hardwood flooring, replacing it would take away a piece of history and personality from it. In addition, fixing your floor means that you are saving on material, making an eco-friendly and cost-conscious decision. That’s why you should first consider refinishing your floors.

To be refinished, hardwood flooring needs to be sanded down, which will remove the stain and protective coating on the wood. Next, if there are any damaged spots, it’s time to fill them. After any spots have been fixed, the wood will need to be re-stained; at this point, you can choose to go with a light or darker stain if you don’t want to the same look. Then, finally, a finishing coat or coats will be applied to the floor.

Having your floors refinished instead of replaced will help to save you time and energy. In addition, by keeping the floors that you already have helps continue to preserve your home’s history. To learn more about hardwood floor refinishing, please contact us.