Is it Time to Embark on A Remodeling Project?

Are you looking for a new remodeling project?  Like most things in life, carpets don’t last forever. Though you can vacuum it and scrub it, sometimes it’s best to simply replace it – especially if it’s ten years old. If you want to know the telling signs it’s time for a carpet replacement and get inspired by some carpet ideas for your home, keep reading.

Is it Time to Embark on A Remodeling Project?

Signs it’s Time To Replace Your Carpet

Are there stubborn stains on the carpet you can’t seem to get rid of? Whether it’s from a spilled drink or a piece of chewing gum, your best bet is to cover the stain with a rug. But if it’s truly an eyesore, it’s probably time for a new carpet. Is there a perpetual musty smell in the air? If so, regardless of the amount you clean the carpet, it’ll persist because it’s coming from the padding beneath it. If the smell didn’t originate from a few puppy accidents, it could be a mold issue that surely requires carpet replacement. Do your allergies seem to be triggered when you’re in the house? If so, it’s most likely the pollen and dust that’s embedded in the carpet. Sometimes vacuuming just isn’t enough.

Carpet Style Ideas for Your Home

Carpets do more than just offer a cozy and soft floor to walk on. Depending on the color you pick, it can completely transform your home. For instance, if your home is on the smaller side, a light gray carpet paired with glass accents and lightly colored walls will make it seem bigger than it is. If you have open-concept areas, create a cohesive look by matching the shade of the carpet to the shade of the decor and furniture. You can go so far as to match the carpet to the predominant colors in the kitchen.

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