Brand New Carpet is a Flooring that Deserves Professional Installation

When it comes to certain flooring types, DIY installation can work wonders. The fact is, some flooring is simply much easier and less time consuming to install. That means any homeowner with basic handyman skills and a bit of patience can get the job done. However, some flooring types need professional installation and we’re going to explain why.

Brand New Carpet is a Flooring that Deserves Professional Installation

Specialized Tools

With a floor covering such as carpet, there are a variety of specialized tools necessary for a quality installation. There is a special tool for stretching the carpet, another special tool for connecting seams so that they don’t come apart prematurely and yet another special tool for successful stair installation. Odds are, unless you have done carpet installation in the past, you probably don’t have any of these tools.

Worse still, purchasing these tools for a one-time carpet installation is a dire waste of money. It could easily cost you several hundred dollars and even if you sold them immediately following the installation, you still wouldn’t get all the money you originally spent back. If you’ve purchased a quality flooring, you won’t be using them again for a long time either.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Another reason to seek out a professional installer for your carpet is that many manufacturers will not honor their warranty unless a professional installed the flooring. So if months from now, you experience problems with the carpet you installed yourself, replacing it will be a completely out of pocket expense. That certainly isn’t a position in which you want to find yourself!

It’s true that a professional installation will cost a bit more up front, but the benefits and the long-term savings will really pay off in the end. It’s almost like an extra insurance policy for your floor covering, in addition to the guarantees that come with professional service from the start.

If you have more questions concerning your new flooring, feel free to contact us at your convenience. When it comes to new flooring, we stand ready to serve you, no matter what your need.