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Why Roofing Matters When Selling a Home

When selling a home, or even buying or refinancing, the roof is an important aspect of real estate. Several reasons make repairing or replacing roofing a smart decision.

Why Roofing Matters When Selling a Home

Not only does a well-maintained roof protect a home from the environment, its appearance speaks volumes. A nice roof adds curb appeal to a home and indicates the homeowner cares about the property. When a potential buyer rolls up to a home for sale, they get their initial feel for the house from the outside appearance. The roof is a major part of that. An unattractive or distressed roof can leave buyers biased against the rest of the house.

Buyers prefer homes with roofs that are in good shape. Most will ask about the age of the roof at the very least. When they move into a new home, they don’t want to have to worry about the roof right away. Also, if a roof shows signs of wear or disrepair, buyers may assume there is unseen damage inside from leakage.

Loose or missing shingles are a major turn-off to potential buyers. However, when selling a home, you may not need to replace the roof. After you get your roof professionally inspected then you will have a better idea as to which approach you should take.

It may only need a few spot repairs Even if your roof looks fine to you, an inspection is wise because it will uncover any problem not obvious to non-professionals. Roofing experts look for things such as excessive loss of shingle granules, damaged or disintegrating flashing, missing or warped shingles, and loose seams.

If no repairs are necessary, have it cleaned. Remove debris from gutters, and make sure any fascia is clean and the paint is in good condition.

If an inspection reveals a replacement is in order, fear not. According to Consumer Reports, a new roof brings an average of 71% return on investment. That’s pretty decent. The potential to sell faster, and at asking price, is also a major reward.

A roof in good shape is a major factor when selling a home. It can attract buyers, sell your home quicker, and add value. To learn more, or for an estimate, contact us today.