Where is That Roof Leak Coming From?

Do you have signs of water damage in your attic, or worse, water damage on the ceiling in your home? While this water damage can come from other sources, like the plumbing in the attic, they can also be signs of a roof leak. However, when you hear about roof leaks, you expect the issue to be obvious, like a full hole in your roof that you can see the sky through. Unfortunately, roof leaks are rarely so obvious. If you are looking for a roof leak, then you will need to look more carefully.

Where is That Roof Leak Coming From?

Wet Spots on the Underlayment

Instead of holes in your roof, you are more likely to see wet spots on the wood in your attic. Even if they are not actively wet, they will be stained. On the roof above this area, you are likely to spot missing or damaged shingles.


Often you will want check the seams of your roof where two different areas meet. Ideally, when the roof was installed, there will be flashing to waterproof these naturally weak areas. However, if there is no flashing, or it is missing, these areas become much more likely to leak.

Skylights and Chimneys

Like with the seams that create the different areas of your roof, other items installed in it like skylights and chimneys are weak points as well. Like the seams, these areas should have flashing or be otherwise sealed to prevent leaks. If they are not, you will find water damage soon to follow. If your leaks is anywhere near a skylight or your chimney, they should be your very first suspect when looking for a leak.

Unfortunately, even if you find a leak, repairing it is not always so easy either. If you are having roofing issues, contact us today to see what Vera Roofing & Construction can do to help.