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How Hail Affects Your Shingles

You have recently had a hail storm blow through your town. Even just dime-sized hail can do major damage to anything it hits. However, while you may be checking windows, cars, and other fragile areas, you might not think to check the roof so closely. You have shingles, after all. An asphalt shingle can endure the impact compared to other roofing materials, right?

How Hail Affects Your Shingles


Even though asphalt shingles don’t necessarily “dent” as easily from a hail storm, it doesn’t mean they are undamaged by them. You just need to be looking for a different sort of damage.

How are Shingles Damaged By Hail?

  • Granule Loss – After a hail storm, you may find a bunch of grit in your gutters. These are granules that line your shingles knocked off by hail impact. These granules are not just for aesthetic, they serve to protect the asphalt from the sun and other elements. If the shingle loses too many granules, they will begin to fail.
  • Cracking – You won’t see spidering cracks on shingles, but more so hail impact can uproot them just enough to be blown by the wind. This will lead to the shingle cracking and eventual breaking.
  • Self-Seal Strip Loosening – This is difficult damage for a homeowner to spot. It is why after a serious hail storm you want to call a professional. The impact of the hail can loosen the self-seal strip that keeps the shingles sealed. It makes it likely that they will come off in the future.

While some signs can be simple to spot, most shingle roof damage after a hail storm requires a professional eye. If you have recently had hail and think your roof may be damaged, contact us today to see what Vera Roofing & Construction can do to help you get it fixed up fast.