What Does Ponding Water Mean On Your Commercial Roof?

If your commercial property has a flat roof, even that flat surface has enough of a slope to encourage water to drain away properly. This means if you head up top after a rainstorm and find pooling water, you have a problem with your roof that will need to be addressed.

What Does Ponding Water Mean On Your Commercial Roof?

It isn’t hard to imagine the sort of problems that pools of water can cause your commercial roof. The protective roof is pretty impervious to water, but only when it is draining away. Standing water wears down the protective coating that can lead to water damage and an early need for roofing repair. Furthermore, standing water attracts dirt and mold growth. In many ways, ponding water on a roof is a compounding roofing problem.

What Causes Water Ponding on Flat Roofs?

If your commercial roof has ponding issues, there are a few reasons. Some you can solve yourself while others will require professional roofing repair.

Unclogging Drains

If the standing water appear near drainage areas, your problem may be a simple one. The drains are likely clogged by debris and a simple cleaning can solve the issue quickly.

Low Spots

The roof does look flat, but flat commercial roofs all have a very subtle pitch. If low spots manifest prematurely, they can be individually fixed with the addition of roof plaster to fill in the low spot.


If you have an old roof or the roof was improperly pitched the first time, then you will need to have it completely overhauled so it can be properly pitched. This means the water can safely and efficiently move towards the drains and not linger on your rooftop.

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