5 Signs Your Roof Needs to Be Repaired, Stat

Over the course of your homeownership journey, your home will go through many cycles of maintenance, upgrades, and everything in between. Many of these will be things on the interior of the home, which you can readily see. But what about the things you don’t normally pay attention to — like the roof?  Roof repair is easily one of the most overlooked parts of maintaining a home but easily one of the most important. And if left too long, it can completely ruin your home. Before you get to that point, here are 5 signs your roof needs to be repaired ASAP.

5 Signs Your Roof Needs to Be Repaired, Stat

1. Your Roof Is OLD.

Many people in today’s home buying environment purchase homes that have been pre owned. The previous owners most likely repaired the roof at some point in time…but not recently. If you’re one of these homeowners, especially if you’ve been in your home for a while, it’s wise to have someone come and inspect your roof. The typical roof lasts anywhere from 20 to 25 years.

2. Water, Water, Everywhere

Have you ever been one of those people who are so glad that they have a nice, warm home to stay in when it’s pouring outside? Well, if your roof is in disrepair, you won’t be. Water leaking into your home can range from a small drip to a massive deluge (hopefully not the latter). This is one of those things that only gets worse if not handled, so if it happens — get a roof repair company on the phone immediately.

3. Flapping Shingles

When a heavy gust rolls into town, the last thing you want to see is the shingles on your roof doing “the wave”. That’s a sign that more shingles like them are going to want to join the party and next thing you know, your entire roof is “waving”.

On a good roof, your shingles should lie flat with no distortion at all. If you see anything cracked, bulging, or damaged, then repairs are needed.

4. In the Gutter

Your shingles can not only “flap” but they can deteriorate as well. The most common place to check for deterioration is your gutter. When rainfall happens, it can wash away particles that are called “granules” into the gutter. If you see lots of “granules” in your gutter, it’s time to start thinking about how you can replace your roof and how soon.

5. Sagging

Imagine this: you walk out of your house on a clear and sunny day just to admire the exterior. You walk back and get a full view of your home. All seems well in the world. Except for one thing – the roof is sagging.

A sagging roof can mean any number of things; none of them good. The next step is to get someone to come repair your roof.

If you fit any (or all!) of these criteria, reach out to us. As the premier roof repair company in Waxahachie, TX we know all about good roof repair work. In business for 10 years, and rated as the #1 roof repair company in Ellis County, we’ll make sure you’re another well-satisfied customer. At Vera Roofing & Construction, we make it easy and convenient to determine the right roof for your needs.