What are the Common Causes of Roof Damage?

While there are some very sturdy modern roofing options, no roof is invincible. It bears the brunt of everything that is happening outside while keeping the inside of your house safe. Regular maintenance and repair will be required to keep your roof functioning for years to come, but it is important to realize all the many things that can hurt it so you know when you actually need roof repair. Here are some common causes of roof damage.

What are the Common Causes of Roof Damage?


The weather is the biggest wear on your roof. Most commonly, you will see a lot of roofing damage after hailstorms, but it is not just hailstorms. Rainstorms and wind will cause wear on it. Even the sun bearing down on your roof every single day will cause wear on it over time. This is why your roof has a lifespan. However, the more severe the storm, the bigger the potential there is for premature damage to your roofing.


Your roof is the target for pests. All it takes is a dime sized hole and mice can get into your attic. Termites can make their own holes, and ants can squeeze in basically anywhere. The real issue is that if there is already roofing damage, it makes your roof a bigger target for pests. So roof damage, in a way, is a compounding problem.


It’s just a small hole or a missing shingle, right? It can wait a bit, can’t it? Unfortunately, no. As we said above, roof damage is a compounding problem. You let one problem sit and the compromised integrity of the roof as a whole will start to allow other problems to appear. Pests move in, moisture causes rot, and suddenly one small roof repair becomes one big roof replacement.

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