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Is Your Metal Roof Safe in a Thunderstorm?

Metal roofing has been a staple for many commercial properties, but it has only recently become more widely used in residential properties. Metal roofing comes with so many benefits, including standing up better to hail and severe weather, reflecting the sun to lower energy bills, and being fire resistant. Yet, even with the myriad of benefits to choosing a metal roof, there is one question that everyone has when considering it – Is it safe in a thunderstorm?

Is Your Metal Roof Safe in a Thunderstorm?

The very short answer is yes. You may think that having what is essentially a large metal surface on top of your house is just a large lightning rod, but it is not so. In truth, your home will likely not be the tallest item on the block. Lightning will be more attracted to taller items like utility poles or tall trees rather than your metal roof.

Yet, if the extreme does happen and lightning does strike your roof, the good news is that your metal roof will make your home safer from it. The metal will actually work to disperse the energy from a lightning strike over its surface rather than allow it to concentrate into something inside your home. This means there is actually a lower potential for home damage from lightning strikes. Furthermore, since the roof is metal, it has little chance of catching fire from a lightning strike as well, which is actually a larger roofing worry in a thunderstorm with traditional roofing options.

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