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Remodeling a Sunroom to Create a Relaxing Space

If you have a sunroom attached to your home, but you don’t use it as often as you’d like, consider remodeling the space to create a relaxing atmosphere where you’ll love to spend time. With all of the stress and chaos of daily life, having such a room where you can go and rejuvenate yourself is a real luxury.

Remodeling a Sunroom to Create a Relaxing Space

Updates to Consider

Metal Roof – Even if your house doesn’t have a metal roof, you can opt for one on your sunroom. A metal roof is durable, fire resistant, and energy efficient. Also, many people love listening to rain as it hits a metal roof. The sound mimics white noise which can be quite relaxing and even help you sleep.

New Windows – Upgrade the windows of your sunroom to allow for maximum airflow, light, and energy efficiency. Instead of fixed windows or sliders, opt for casement or awning windows that you can open all the way. You’ll appreciate the light and air on days with temperate weather.

Flooring – For easy maintenance and a natural look, a ceramic tile floor makes a fabulous choice. You can add a decorative area rug to create a cozy feeling in the room or even add heating under the floor for the ultimate in comfort all year around.

Indoor Fountain – To bring the feeling of the outdoors inside, install a gorgeous rock fountain. The sound of the trickling water will be quite relaxing. Also, merely admiring such a beautiful feature can calm your nerves. Include some potted plants next to the fountain or hang some plants over the rock structure for a fabulous look.

Sound System – If you have a sound system installed in your sunroom, then you can play nature sounds or relaxing music in the room. Away from the noise of everyday life, such sounds will ease your tension and allow you to forget about all the pressures you’ve had to endure.

Comfortable Seating – Of course, you’ll need soft and cozy seats in your sunroom. Include a small sofa and a couple of cushioned chairs. Rattan or metal designs work well in a sunroom. You’ll also want one or more ottomans so that you can put up your feet. Make sure the padding on the seats is thick and comfortable enough to allow you to remain for extended periods.

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