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How Important Is Ventilation in my Bathroom Remodel?

When you are remodeling or renovating a bathroom, it is a good idea to install or update a ventilation fan. However, just adding a new vent fan, when performing a bathroom remodel, is often not enough. Many older bathroom fans are poorly ventilated or not even ducted to the outside. New ductwork and a weathertight exterior vent will help remove moist air from the bathroom and will assure that you have a comfortable and healthy environment. Moist air that can cause the growth of mold and mildew, which can impact your indoor air quality and damage building materials.

How Important Is Ventilation in my Bathroom Remodel?

A bathroom exhaust ventilation fan will remove superfluous moisture, odors, and mold spores. That said, many local building codes will require exhaust fans, especially if the bathroom does not have a usable window. Regardless, technology has made vent fans smarter, quieter and more efficient than in the past, and they offer many options that homeowners may not be aware of.

Many new models of bathroom exhaust ventilation fan include great features like integrated lights, heaters, and humidity sensors that will turn the fan on even when you forget. Some even include Bluetooth speakers that you can pair with your favorite wireless devices, such as a smartphone or table, to stream clear audio into your bathroom. Additionally, choosing an ENERGY STAR certified ventilation fan means it meets the strict energy efficiency guidelines established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, saving you money on utilities.

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