Give The Gift of Hardwood Floors This Christmas!

At Vera Roofing & Construction our expertise and knowledge allow us to handle any residential project, regardless of size or complexity. Hardwood flooring is no exception! Hardwood is the preferred flooring among many homeowners.  You can design your home around any stain of wood. If you are ready to put your New Year’s Resolution into action, below we have compiled a few tips to get you started.

Give The Gift of Hardwood Floors This Christmas!

Choose a hardwood floor stain color:

This doesn’t have to be as agonizing as it may seem. Take your time and ask design professionals for their opinion.

Keep in mind your wall color and style preferences:

Always know your style. A designer can help you pinpoint this if need be. Your style matters as your flooring will need to be able to match your decorating sense.

Look in design books and magazines for ideas and visuals:

This is one of our best tips because it will give your flooring contractor and or designer an exact idea of what you are drawn to.

Don’t forget about the children and even your fur babies:

When it comes to kids or pets flooring truly matters. Having floors that are safe and durable can last a lifetime. On a side note: Light color flooring can hide dust and food crumbs a lot better than a darker shade of wood.

Choosing the hardwood floor stain for your home doesn’t have to be scary. It’s important to take your time and ask all the right questions. At Vera Roofing & Construction you can ask all the flooring questions you have and we’ll be sure and answer them. After all, your home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make. Let us help you get your New Year’s Resolution started. Contact Vera Roofing & Construction today!