3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Slate Roofs

3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Slate Roofs

For the many years, we’ve been in the construction and roofing industry, we’ve known that a slate roof requires a huge commitment, in terms of money and time. In this article, we provided answers to the frequently asked questions about a slate roof to help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

3 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Slate Roofs

What Are the Benefits of Slate Roofs?

According to HomeAdvisor, slate roofs have many benefits such as a beautiful, classy appearance, requires little maintenance, available in many colors, lasts up to 150 years, fire resistant, and environmentally friendly among others. These roofs have been used on commercial and residential establishments for several decades, offering a traditional look that suits both old and luxurious establishments.

What Is the Cost of Installing Slate Roofs?

You will find that the cost of installing a slate roof varies depending on many factors such as the type of slate roof to be installed, the surface area, the material’s finish grade, and labor rates. According to the cost-estimating website, Fixr.com, the national average cost of installing a 1,500 square feet Semi-weathering slate roof is between $15,000 and $20,000. This does not include the cost of additional material, enhancement, and improvement.

How Do I Maintain and Repair My Slate Roof?

Regular inspection of your slate will help find leakages and missing or damaged pieces of slate. Never coat your slate roof with paints, sealants or any other coverings because all these will expedite the aging of the roof. If you are looking to repair your roof, it’s important you contact a professional roofing contractor.

Are You Interested in Slate Roofing?

Replacing or installing a slate roof is something you’ll eventually have to do. If that time comes, Vera Roofing & Construction is the most reliable company you can work with. We are a premier roofing and remodeling services contractor in Lubbock and DFW Metroplex areas.

For more information about slate roofing, feel free to contact us.