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What Size Hailstones Risk Roof Damage?

Even after minor hailstorms, you would be justified in your worry that you may have a few unwelcome dents waiting on your roof and entire house exterior. However, it is well known that the larger the hailstones that fall, the more damage that happens, you may wonder how big do hailstones need to be to start doing damage?

What Size Hail Stones Risk Roof Damage?

While it depends on not just size, but velocity, typically hailstones don’t start doing damage until they are around 1-inch in size. However, this is for your standard asphalt shingle. It you have sturdier roofing materials, like the stronger laminated shingles, it will take hailstones well over an inch in size to do noticeable damage.

After even a moderate hailstorm, your first task should be to go outside and take a picture of the hailstones. They can melt away in just a few minutes, and having photo proof of their size can be helpful for any potential insurance claims. Furthermore, they can help you deduce size to know if you need to be concerned.

After the storm has well passed, you will want to glance at your roof. Getting up on your roof can be dangerous, but a peek up there from your gutter-cleaning ladder could help you know if you need to call a roofing company out to do an inspection. If you notice that there are bare black spots on your shingles where the granules have broken off, this means your roofing has been damaged by the storm. As those shingles had their structural integrity compromised and protective granules knocked off, they will need to be replaced. This also means there may be damage to any vent covers, skylights, or masonry on your roof as well.

Have you endured a hailstorm and found that your roof has been damaged? We can help get it back in tip-top shape. Contact us today to see what Vera Roofing & Construction can do to help you repair hail damage to your roof.