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What Professionals Look For During a Commercial Roof Inspection

Too many businesses wait until there is a leak or another major roof problem on their roof to have any attention paid to it. However, with regular inspections, you can avoid major problems. When it comes times for an inspection, there are quite a few things that a professional will be looking for on your commercial roof.

What Professionals Look For During a Commercial Roof Inspection


While ponding can be caused by slow draining, your commercial roof inspector will want to make sure the ponding is not caused by any unnaturally low sinking areas that can be an indicator of a problem. Standing water on a commercial roof is always a problem.

Flashing Problems

Flashing is what protects the natural weak points of a commercial roof – the seams where two areas meet. It should remain intact and in good shape in order to do its job in protecting seams.

Cracking and Tearing

A roof ensures a lot of wear and tear, and more damage can happen to it the more severe the weather has been. Even bright sunny days have an effect eventually. Your commercial roofing inspector will check every square inch to make sure there is no cracking or tearing in the roofing surface that may cause a leak.


You may not think it part of their job, but a roof inspector will also look for and remove debris on a commercial roof. This will keep downspouts clear and prevent any mold or algae from growing.


If your commercial roof has parapet walls, part of the inspection will be looking at and replacing the sealing on the terminations. Ignoring these small issues can turn into big problems.

If you are overdue for a roofing inspection, we can help. Contact us today to see what Vera Roofing & Construction can do to help you keep your commercial roof in perfect shape.