The Dangerous Costs of DIY Roof Repair

Roof repair is dangerous. Due to the height, a little slip can lead to a severe injury, but there are also a lot of other inherent dangers with DIY roof repair. Let’s take a closer look at the dangerous costs of DIY roof repair.

The Dangerous Costs of DIY Roof Repair

Professional Equipment

You may have had some success with DIY home repair, and you might not be afraid of heights. Do you, however, have all of the professional equipment you need to safely repair your roof, including a roofing crew?

Professional roofers have professional ladders. Even if you have one expensive professional ladder, do you have two or three? Multiple professional ladders and crew members ensure you’re not repeatedly walking too far on the roof, because there’s always a danger of falling.

Do you have the best shoes for walking on a roof? Do you have professional equipment that will help you carry repair supplies and materials up the ladder and place them securely in the area of the roof that needs repairing?

Even if you research and have a good understanding of all the equipment you need to safely perform a roof repair, the cost of the equipment is expensive. It could easily wind up being more than the cost of having a professional complete the roof repair. Plus, if you’re not skilled at using the equipment, the risk of injury skyrockets.

Understanding Damages

When was the last time your roof was cleaned? Consider all of the dust, dirt, sap, pollen, bird droppings, and other debris on your roof. This debris causes your roof to be extremely slippery, and sure-footing on a slippery surface takes years to master.

Small roof damages are sometimes much larger than expected upon inspection. What might look like a few loose shingles could actually be damage to the principal rafters several layers below. Diagnosing roof damage also requires years of experience. If you repair roof damage incorrectly, it could lead to more serious and costly damage in the long run, such as mold getting into your walls and ceilings.

From the risk of broken bones, death, and incorrect repairs, the dangers of DIY roof repair are far too costly to consider. Bottom line: hire an experienced, reputable professional to complete all your roof repairs.

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