Roof Repair to Max Profits on a Home Sale

If you are thinking about selling your home within the next five years, make the roof a financial priority now to maximize profits and save time. Whether it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s market in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, home buyers spend more money on well-maintained houses.

Roof Repair to Max Profits on a Home Sale

Saving money on home owner’s insurance

As a seller, you don’t want a sale to fall through because the potential buyer can’t obtain acceptable home owner’s insurance due to a damaged or old roof. Savvy buyers know they will get better homeowner insurance rates with a newer roof or one that is in good condition. Moreover, a roof that suffers hail damage could lead to leaks, ceiling damage, mold and water damage that turns off buyers.

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Improving the curb appeal

One of the fun aspects of completely replacing a roof is the design change. Choose a tile color that works with existing paint or the color scheme you chose for a fresh exterior. Earth tones and color palettes inspired by nature are currently in vogue, so consider greens and blues. Also, decide whether you want a roof color that contrasts with your exterior paint or a monochromatic look. Metal, slate and tile roofs make different statements, so feel free to explore. For example, a traditional farmhouse home has a more modern edge with a metal or tile roof.

Prioritizing remodeling projects

If you have a fairly new roof with minor hail damage, the first priority is to repair the roof damage. Then, consider investing in any exterior aspects that would give your home a “wow” factor, such as brand new fencing or a paint project. If you live in a community with an active Home Owner’s Association, check to make sure they approve of your choice of materials and colors.

In the end, it pays to plan for future home sales by reducing the ongoing costs of your own home owner’s insurance, preventing HOA fines and setting up a smooth home-selling process in the future. Experts say a home buyer will pay more for a home with a new roof, so it’s easy to recoup any out-of-pocket costs that aren’t covered by insurance. In many cases, insurance does cover damage. Don’t hold up a home sale over roofing issues.

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