Recognizing When You Are in Need of Roof Repairs

An old or damaged roof is something that will just continuously get worse the longer it is left unfixed, hence costing you more and more money. It’s important to recognize when you are in need of roof repairs and to take action swiftly.

Recognizing When You Are in Need of Roof Repairs


Roof leaks are actually rather hard to spot sometimes, mainly due to the fact that they often start with just a small drip. That’s why it’s important to inspect your roof regularly to catch small leaks before they turn into large ones. A small leak can very quickly grow and wreak havoc on your home if left ignored. Look for things like rotting wood, mildew, puddles of water, and wet insulation in your attic. The trick is to catch the leak before it is very noticeable and permanent damage has occurred.


Flashing is where most leaks commonly occur, such as around the chimney, skylights, vent pipes, and more. Over time, flashing can become loose and the sealants can break down. Look for gaps around the chimney and any other roof penetrations. If you find any, you’ll need to have them sealed immediately, including repairing or replacing the flashing before even more problems start to occur.

Shingle Condition 

Perhaps the most obvious sign of needing roof repairs is the condition that your shingles are in. Check for missing granules on your shingles either by looking at the shingles directly or looking for granules in the gutters. Also look for environmental damage, like mold, algae, and fungus, which can grow from years of exposure to the elements and improper maintenance. And, of course, look for missing or physically damaged shingles.

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