Need A Roof Replacement After A Hail Storm?

It’s no secret that our area is susceptible to severe weather, which can leave a trail of damage in its wake. To make matters worse, that damage makes homeowners easy targets for storm chaser scammers. They wind their way through neighborhoods affected by storm damage in an effort to find vulnerable homeowners and take advantage of them.

Need A Roof Replacement After A Hail Storm?

Homeowners with roof damage from such natural disasters as tornadoes and hail are especially vulnerable to this type of deception. That can cost homeowners thousands of dollars they might never be able to recover. All the while they could be left with shoddy or unfinished work, which leaves their homes exposed to the elements.

That’s why it’s best to develop a plan to guard against dealing with roofing scams ahead of time. One of the best ways to do that is to plan on verifying absolutely everything involved with repairing storm damage to your home. Nothing replaces doing your own homework.

Validate the Company’s Information

Before you select a roofing contractor, obtain their phone number and address. Then visit their website or social media and check out their online reviews.

You’ll also want to ask for local references and check their license plates if they’re from a different state.

Verify Their Business License

In addition to verifying the contractor has a business license, check with your local licensing board and state attorney general’s office to make sure they don’t have complaints or disciplinary actions registered.

Make Sure They’re Bonded and Insured

Contact the contractor’s insurance and bonding companies and make sure their liability and worker’s compensation policies are sufficient for your job.

For more information about safeguarding yourself roofing scams, please contact us.