How Carpentry Shapes Every Building Project

Good carpenters are the heart of every building project. Without their skill, a construction project can turn into a nightmare. A carpenter is involved in almost every phase of construction, from the bottom to the top and from start to finish.

How Carpentry Shapes Every Building Project

A carpenter:

  • Builds the forms for a concrete foundation or basement.
  • Installs subfloors.
  • Frames the walls and roof a building.
  • Constructs stairways.
  • Frames windows and doors and installs the trim around them.

Carpentry encompasses so many facets of construction that most carpenters specialize in. Some of the specialties overlap, but all of them make an important contribution to a finished building.

  • A Rough Carpenter does structural and large-scale work which does not require joining or polishing and builds temporary support walls.
  • A Joiner or Finish Carpenter creates exact joints with minimal margins of error.
  • A Trim Carpenter specializes in moldings and trims, like mantles, door and window casings. Cabinet installers are trim carpenters.
  • A Framer is responsible for building the skeletal structure, or the framework, of buildings.
  • A Roofer specializes in roof construction, focusing on the rafters, beams, and trusses.

Every step in the carpentry process matters, an error made by a carpenter can be a huge issue when constructing a building or roofing project. Hiring the right contractor with top carpenters is a must. Vera Roofing & Construction, a BBB accredited business, offers the highest quality carpentry services in the Midlothian, Texas area. If you are planning a residential or commercial roofing or construction project, please contact us for a free estimate.