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We Can Help After Mother Nature’s Storm Damage

Living in the tornado belt during the most dangerous time of year is nerve-wracking, but when severe weather hits, be it tornados, straight-line winds, hail, or other damaging natural disasters, construction or reconstruction, rises to the top of your list. If your property is in need of attention we can help!We Can Help After Mother Nature's Storm Damage

When your home’s roof, your patio’s pergola, or your small business compound’s structure has been damaged by mother nature, your insurance company likes to choose a contractor with whom it’s done business for years, resulting in lower prices for your insurance company’s bottom line, but not necessarily resulting in high-quality remodeling or reconstruction for you.  There is one thing you should know as a consumer: you are able to pick your own contractor (contrary to what your insurance agent and adjuster may tell you), and if you’re looking for quality, Vera Roofing and Construction is just the company for you.

Serving residents and businesses in Midlothian, Texas and surrounding areas, Vera’s commitment to customer service are second to none.  We value your time, your property, and your investment; consequently, it is our job to make absolutely certain that your needs are met in a timely fashion.  If your roof is in need of repair because of a sudden windstorm or just wear and tear, we can help.  If a leaky roof leads to necessary floor repairs, we can handle it.  If a total overhaul in the paint, flooring, and roofing are necessary, Vera Roofing and Construction can handle your job with professionalism, ease, and patience, helping you to navigate a difficult time in your life.

If your construction and roofing needs range from the aesthetic to maintenance, maintenance to an emergency, contact us, Vera Roofing and Construction, to rescue you.