Busting the Myths About Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a sturdy and energy efficient roofing option, but many are still rather wary when is comes to picking metal roofing options for their home or business. This is due to some long-standing, pervasive, and false myths that are still going around about metal roofing.

People still presume metal roofing as noisy when it rains, prone to lightning strikes, and heavy. Some of that is purely based on a rational thought process, but that doesn’t make it true. There are a lot of benefits to choosing metal roofing and it behooves you to know the truth.

Busting the Myths About Metal Roofing

Are Metal Roofs Loud?

The myth about how loud metal roofing was actually once true. Early metal roofing used in barns and old sheds was fastened directly to the rafters. This means that when it rained, you got the full uninsulated sound and the fasteners rattled like crazy as well. Metal roofing used these days is securely fastened and insulated by both decking and underlayment. You won’t notice a difference in sound compared to shingles.

Are Metal Roofs Heavy?

When we think of metal, we think of something heavy and indestructible. While metal is strong, metal roofing is actually around two times lighter than a shingle roof. In fact, it is so light that most buildings can have a metal roof installed over shingles, saving you a lot of money, without having to make reinforcements to your rafters. It is true that the metal is more durable, but that means the metal does not need to be densely layers like shingles, and this is what cuts down on the weight.

Do Metal Roofs Attract Lightning?

It is metal on a roof. It is only natural to think that lighting might be attracted to it. Lightning is more attracted to taller items like utility poles. However, even if your roof is struck, the flat metal surface actually works to disperse the energy of the lightning safely rather than allowing it to be a direct and dangerous concentrated stream.

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