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7 Signs of Water Damage on Your Roof

It’s not a bad idea to look for signs of water damage on your roof, as it might indicate a leak. Some signs are obvious, such as water stains and wet or dry debris falling from your roof, while others are more subtle, like mold, moss, and vegetation. Watch out for increased moisture or mold, along with a change in the color of your roof’s shingles.

If you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to call a professional for roof repair.

7 Signs of Water Damage on Your Roof

1. Water Stains

A leak doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a damaged roof, as leaks can be the result of clogged rain gutters. However, if you do see water stains on your roof, it’s likely a result of water damage. If so, you’ll want to contact a roofing professional to repair the problem and properly seal your roof.

2. Moss and Vegetation

This may seem odd for someone to see on their roof, but moss and vegetation, particularly if it’s wet or soft, can indicate water damage. Wet vegetation and moss are reason enough to call a pro to inspect your roof to determine if water has caused any damage.

3. Increased Moisture

If there’s an increase in moisture on your roof, especially in the attic, there’s a good chance you have water damage on your roof. If you notice excessive moisture in your attic or on your roof, contact a roofing professional to inspect your roof for potential damage.

4. Mold

Mold can trigger allergic reactions and, in some cases, asthma attacks and even pneumonia. If you find mold on your roof or in your attic, particularly if you’re allergic to mold, you should call a professional to inspect your roof and attic for water damage. Mold often indicates that your roof has sustained leaks and mold spores may have traveled into your home.

5. Missing Shingles

Shingles are very important for protecting your home against wind, rain, and snow, as leaks can lead to roof damage. If you notice shingles are missing, call a professional to inspect your roof. Water has likely caused damage, such as rust, or mold, and you’ll need a professional to repair your roof.

6. Sagging Shingles

Sagging or curling shingles can indicate a number of roof problems, including worn-out, failing, or warped shingles caused by water damage. Sagging shingles can also be a sign of erosion, which can, over time, lead to structural damage. If you’ve noticed sagging or curling shingles, it would be wise to call a roofing professional.

7. Water Spots

Water spots on your roof are often a result of water seeping through shingles, which, over time, will lead to larger problems. Water spots may also indicate roof moss and algae, both of which can cause damage to the roof, as well as the exterior of your home.

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