3 Signs Commercial Roofing Repairs May be Necessary

The roof of any building is the first line of defense when it comes to protecting the structure and its contents from weather and environmental hazards. It is also the most vulnerable part of a building and keeping it in good repair is vital to the protection of the structure and its contents. It is important to inspect commercial roofing periodically for signs of deterioration.

3 Signs Commercial Roofing Repairs May be Necessary

Let’s discuss three areas where a commercial roof may be most vulnerable and in need of repair.

Standing water on commercial roofing may lead to premature deterioration of the roof covering which will lead to leaks. Such leaks that are undetected or ignored will slowly rust steel roof decks or rot wooden roof decks. Excessive standing water may add to the weight the roof is supporting and eventually weaken the roof deck.

Roof flashing around the perimeter of commercial roofing will protect the roof cover where it meets the wall. The flashing is designed to deflect water away from joints and seams.  A gap in the flashing will increase the potential for roof cover failure and result in leaks that will result in structural degradation and possibly mold.

Skylights and lightning protection systems should always be on the checklist when checking commercial roofing for roof failure. If the entities are not well sealed or have become loose, water will eventually penetrate the cover and eventually dislodge skylights and allow rain and debris to penetrate the roof system.

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